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8 Ways to Make Your Blog Viral On Facebook

Post written by Glen Stansberry, creator of the Facebook App Creator for Bloggers.

make your blog viral on facebook

Not many people have really figured out a way to successfully fuse social networks like Facebook with blogs. Blog owners haven't been able to really leverage the massive user base that Facebook has amassed since its launch in 2004. Did you know that:

  • Facebook has over 58 million active users?
  • Facebook grows to over 200,0000 signups a day

One of the reasons that Facebook has grown so rapidly is that the whole system is based on trust. Each user that adds an account does so accurately depicting who they truly are. Why? So his/her other friends will be able to find them, and share photos, messages, and links with them.

I've created a service that automatically turns your blog's RSS feed into a Facebook application. The Facebook App Creator for Bloggers lets each blog's users download the application, which shows the latest posts from your blog in their profile pages. Next to each article there's a "share" button, allowing the Facebook users to quickly and easily share articles with other Facebook friends.

This App Creator for Bloggers,coupled with these 8 tips below, will entice Facebook users to share these trusted links of your blog's posts, with other Facebook users.

  1. Make lots of friends- This may seem like a no-brainer, but it really does help. Facebook has made it pretty easy to do this, allowing you to find your friends by your email contacts, hometown, and a multitude of other ways.

    The more friends you have, the more people will be visiting your profile, and seeing what you've been up to.

  2. Find and join lost of networks- Remember, the key is getting more visibility to your profile. Joining popular networks is a great way.
  3. Become friendly- Again, this falls under the "Duh!" category, but I have to say it anyway. Stay in touch (as much as possible) with your contacts. The more you're on their mind, the more they'll visit your profile page to check up on you.
  4. Start sharing- I try to share things with my friends that I know they'll like. It's actually changed the way I think when I read articles these days. I constantly try to think of a friend (or group of friends) who would genuinely like to read the article, and instantly share with them.

    This increases your "friendliness" and lets your friend know that you're thinking of him. Who wouldn't want that? And if they're thinking of you... that's right, they're more likely to check your profile and see your blog posts.

  5. Start uploading photos to Facebook- This may not make sense, but Facebook is the largest photo sharing site in the world. Why? Because when you upload photos, you can tag your friends who are in the photo. And then they'll get an email saying "You've just had a photo of you added!", pointing them to your photo sets. This is a highly viral feature of Facebook, and it's the reason why they're so popular.

    This will bring traffic to your blog because once the user has visited your profile, he'll see see your a

  6. Place the application as high on your profile as possible- It's the whole "above the fold" mentality. The higher your blog's application on your profile page, the more people will see it. You want them to scroll as little as possible to see your blog posts.
  7. Post your app on your blog- What's better than promoting your blog? Having your readers promote your blog! Point them towards your Facebook application, and allow them to install it on their profile. They can also choose to share your blog's applications with their friends, and then to their friends, and well... you can see how it can get viral.

    The more prominently you can display the application on the your blog, the more readers you'll have install it.

  8. Write posts that people will actually want to share- There is an art to writing titles, and the more attractive your posts' titles are, the more they'll be clicked and shared. Even if you've got 1 billion friends on Facebook, it's not likely your post titled "My Socks Are Warm" is going to get passed around a lot. The excellent blog Copyblogger is chock-full of how to write better, if you're looking for a resource.

These techniques can greatly improve your blog's visibility on Facebook.

Photo by Laughing Squid.

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