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Dealing With Environmental Issues, LifeRemix Style

Written by Glen of LifeRemix.

In case you haven't already heard, today is Blog Action Day. Quite a few high-profile companies and blogs like Lifehacker, GigaOm, Google, and the United Nations have backed the event. We're proud to say that the leaders behind this incredibly successful event are none other than LifeRemix blogging couple Cyan Ta'eed and Collis Ta'eed, and Leo Babauta.

In order to show our support for their efforts, (and support a great cause too), we decided to throw in our own two cents on how to improve the state of the environment. Here's a few excerpts from the posts published today across the LifeRemix network.

How to pick the best green mutual funds
"Save the planet while earning 25 to 30% return on your investment. Mutual funds like Winslow Green Growth and New Alternatives invest in renewable and clean energy solutions. Both funds received high marks from financial magazines like Kiplinger and The Economist."

How to Save the World By Sleeping
"What’s a super-easy way to reduce energy consumption, lower your energy bill, and feel good all-over? Put your computer to sleep."

Taking Personal Responsibility for the Environment
"Instead of protesting or arguing, forget about the political aspect of protecting the environment and focus on what you can do to help on an individual level."

Green GTD
"One wouldn't need to think very hard to come up with ways that their everyday life could be adjusted to be friendlier to Mother Earth, even the GTD folk."

29 Simple Ways to Become a More Environmentally Friendly Freelancer (+ Help Us Donate $500 to Charity!)
“Today we’re going to look at some simple ways that freelancers can make their work-life more environmentally friendly. Because remember it’s the small steps that produce the big, sustainable changes. We’ll donate $1 to environmental charities for every comment on this post.”

Want to Save the Environment? Buy Less Stuff!
"Stuff has more than just a personal financial cost. Every time I buy something, it has an impact on the world around me."

5 Ways Save the World, While Getting Fitter, Saving Money, Simplifying, and Becoming Happier
"For those who need more motivation for doing things to help the environment other than just "save the world", here are a few more: it'll help you get fitter, save money, simplify your life, and become happier. Here are five ways to help the environment while doing all of the above -- it's a no-lose solution."

Save money and help the environment
"You can help the environment and save money by reducing your home energy consumption with these five easy tips."

5 Reasons Why Home-Based Entrepreneurship is the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gig
"As you may know, today is Blog Action Day — a day when over 15,000 blogs (and growing) are posting about the environment.

You'd think that would be off-topic for this blog. On the contrary — being a home-based entrepreneur is one of the most eco-friendly gigs you can have."

Human Ideas: Adopt The Sky
"In honor of Blog Action Day, Behance features Eric Husband and Dave Keepper, two ad agency creative directors who wanted to reduce their capitalist footprint. Their latest project, AdoptTheSky.org, is a collaboration with Earthjustice. Not only are their ideas noble, but so is their approach to ideas. "We honestly don’t care where a good idea comes from. And don't tell anyone this, but sometimes it's the client."

Seven tips for how simultaneously to boost your happiness and safeguard the environment (in your own small way)
"here are seven tips on how simultaneously to boost your happiness and safeguard the environment (in your own small way)."

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